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Manage your projects collaboratively and with agility.
The best project management solution to simplify your work life.

No more complex tools! Finally, an innovative, easy-to-use solution that saves valuable time for your entire team.

Quality approach

More than a product, it's a quality approach providing management processes to secure your projects and budgets with ease.

Unlike our competitors, we believe a project management solution should provide services to more than just the directors, PMOs and project managers. MaestroPROJET® offers major advantages and interests for very small businesses (VBS) and SMEs: it provides a methodical and collaborative dimension to ensure all staff feel involved in their company’s projects.

Innovative concept

An "all-in-one" solution that is user-friendly.

Methodical know-how

Implement a quality approach and apply the methodologies of your choice according to the type of projects.


Manage all strategic orientations, project portfolios, budgets, expenses, sites, tasks and committees, with real-time monitoring ...


Benefit from our customizable media and training tools, as well as assistance for your questions and needs.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Key performance indicators, adjusted to client needs, monitor and measure the returns and results achieved on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. For example, KPIs can target: 

  • Strategic directions of the company to facilitate decision-making,
  • Budget, expense and resource consumption,
  • Information data to assess the progress of projects, phases and tasks,
  • Monitoring identified risks, 
  • Any relevant information intended for customers.

Depending on the client’s needs, a database can be set up to automatically generate and disseminate reports.


Easily plan and manage your work without missing a single deadline.

  • Make project, site and task planning more reliable by avoiding difficulties during the management of dependency relationships, and eliminating the need to make multiple modifications on different screens.
  • Manage project trees through automatically updated schedules accessible to the designated actors in the various organizations.


Securing project portfolios means having reliable, real-time information about the evolution of budgets. The maestroPROJET® solution guarantees access to this information (forecast and actual costs) by clearly distinguishing between costs:

  • material resources: integration of expenses and invoices to automatically calculate weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual costs.
  • human resources: interfaces to integrate the daily costs of all your projects’ actors, in a detailed way in order to make the necessary adjustments.


Give your employees specific roles so that everyone plays a part within the projects. With maestroPROJET®:

  • a user can be assigned one or more roles with a clearly defined perimeter and road map to identify their activities.
  • directories are automatically generated to provide information about the different projects’ actors and highlight their common activities.

Absence Management

While working on a project, relying on your professional email calendar to manage absences is not a good idea. The maestroPROJET® solution offers:

  • individual absence management that takes into account resource allocation and users’ occupancy rates.
  • an innovative backup management system that is easy to use, with alerts to anticipate the distribution of tasks.

Project Committees

Thanks to its ability to quickly collect, structure and centralize information, maestroPROJET® allows its users to automatically create meeting agendas and minutes.

In short, this feature saves preparation time for committees. It also makes it possible to create and distribute paper-free reports.

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Within maestroPROJET®, capitalization is a structured process. It is a permanent quest for continuous quality improvement powered by the evaluation of feedback, common know-how and the collection of questions and answers.

Capitalization begins with the completion of project reports, based on criteria defined at the start of the project. It is then enriched with the knowledge base created during the life of the project. This fosters collaborative work!

24/7 access

Mobile Tablet Computer

Discover maestroPROJET® on your smartphone and tablet. A powerful and efficient application for your day-to-day business.




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Streamline and simplify collaborative work and save considerable time, even for your most complex projects.


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User Anonymity

We never disclose the identity of our customers on our site or our communications media to avoid being targeted by computer attacks.


Security audits are available to our customers in accordance with international standards. We guarantee a complete analysis by an external reviewer, Cybervadis.


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